About us

Women in the church are sisters. And yet . . .

How often do we misunderstand each other? Judge each other? Compare ourselves with each other and end up feeling either inadequate or, on a good day, superior? Worst of all, how often do we hurt each other?

If we’re honest, the answer is: pretty often. Maybe even every day.

This blog is the public face of a hopeful journey toward an elusive goal.

The public face: We’re a small group of women in the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) who have agreed to talk with each other about what it’s like to be us. Some of us are single; others are divorced, married, or widowed. Some of us work outside the home; others work at home. All of us love Jesus and try to follow him.

The hopeful journey: We want to love and support each other. This means we need to listen to each other, so we’ve agreed to meet three times during the coming year (October 2010-August 2011) to spend time together, asking some difficult but necessary questions.

The elusive goal: We’d like to bring out the best in each other as we try to follow Jesus; we’d like to be comfortable with each other so we can focus on loving God and doing his work together.

And we don’t want it to stop here. We want other women in the CMC to join the conversation with us. Please read the blog (go to ‘home’) and comment on it; let us know what your own experiences have been.

And please know that you’re invited to join the conversation whether you’re in the Conference or not. We want to hear from you!


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