Glimpses of Among Women at Conference

Our panelists graced the women’s program at CMC’s annual conference with wisdom and insight. Thank you to everyone who had a part in this program! We’ll be posting pictures from the workshops and the final choric reading (along with the text of the reading itself) in later posts, but for now, enjoy these pictures from the panel discussions.

(Left to right) Elnora, Carla and Naomy wait for their cues from Lynette in the quiet moments before the first panel discussion begins.

Dot helps Mim with her mic.

Carla and Naomy share a moment.

Naomi shines onstage.

Sabrina listens to some special music during the morning program.

Elnora speaks about her identity in Christ.

Martha is happy to be here.

Naomy, gently smiling, the way she does.

Dot expresses a concern.

Mim laughs.

Louella smiles at what another panelist is saying.

Carla listens to Lynette.

Drawing on her own experience and that of other women, Shirley talks about the thoughts and feelings of women in missions work.

Phyllis encourages women in the audience to attend the workshop of someone in a different sphere.

After the morning panels, participants went to lunch, then attended one of the eight workshops offered in the afternoon. More pictures soon!

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