Blessings and Giftings

After the naming ceremony, Lynette gave the women opportunity to share words of blessing on each other individually.

After the time of blessing each other, it was the panelists’ time to be blessed. Lynette had arranged for each woman to receive a gift from another woman in the same sphere. Some panelists knew the giver, and some received presents from strangers. It was a unique time of blessing.

Louella – “This is special! You have just pampered us!”

Carla – “We all have gifts. When we see a need it is up to us to use them instead of waiting to be asked and wondering if people want you to use them. Instead of just assuming that they don’t need help, use your gifts.”

Martha – “I just ask the Lord, and He shows me how to help. If we really try, we can’t walk in their shoes, but we can try to understand and think what are their needs and then act accordingly.”

Louella – “It’s when we think of others’ needs when ours don’t seem so important.”

Dot – “I would rather have a willing heart than a resistant heart.”

Martha – “It is often unconscious how we help and serve.”

Lynette – “You either go through it yourself or you walk very close through it with someone.”

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