Naming, Not Assuming

As the weekend came to a conclusion, Lynette led a renaming ceremony to honor the women’s unique pains, as well as their strengths and ministries. As she placed the new name on a sign around their necks, she spoke a blessing into their lives. She acknowledged that none of her blessing was a direct word from God, and advised the women to “take this as lightly or as meaningfully as you like.”

Martha. You have often been in Wesley’s shadow, but when I look at you I see your joy. Your name is Light.

Naomy. I don’t know what it is like to live in a new country. You don’t want to put yourself out there and prove to people who you are. Maybe one day the phone will ring and it will be a school, or a woman wanting your friendship. Your new name is Pursued. They are going to come find you. Be ready for them.


Dot. There is a lot of emptiness, like baby books or a house, but there is a lot of fullness in your life, too. May God continue to make you a blessing, because your new name will be Fulfilled.

Naomi. As someone did the other night, I picked up on the word “odd” you used to describe yourself. Your husband and your children and many others rise up and call you blessed. The word that kept coming to me is that you are not odd, but you are a Rare Gem.

Elnora. People choose to walk out or to reject for whatever reason. You have chosen a lot of healing and a lot of definition that doesn’t have anything to do with that. I have been hearing about your friends who love being with you and I know your sons. Elnora, you are the chosen one. Not rejected, but Chosen.

Sabrina. You were very honest with us about how you felt feelings of inferiority before the first retreat, and yet you spoke out and were used. Your name is Confident. You do not have to look to the right or the left. You are confident.

Louella. I’ve known you for a long time. To know you is to love you. I know you to be a fruitful person. You accomplish things and I remember how you cared for your husband. You would get down and help him up. I imagine you treating him lovingly. I know you have loyal children. The word for you, your new name, after all those years of caring and blessing, is Nurtured. You let those children and grandchildren around you nurture you.



Carla. This has been quite a journey and I respect you for joining this project. I know it has reminded you of your pain. You have at times talked about how someone like you or your husband does not get sent like others do. There is no one in this house right now who is qualified to do what you are doing right now. Your new name is Commissioned. Go, give hope to those children.


Mim. You have been told that you are in a pastoral role, and you felt that calling on your life. Hold your head high with the gifts that you have. This is not plan B. Don’t back down, because your new name is Shepherdess.

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