How can the church minister to women entering a new culture?

Naomy – I don’t feel like I have a whole lot of new things to share since the last meeting.

– The very first day we walked into the church, our kids were picked and asked what their ages were and they were taken off to their age group. They fit in so well with the youth meetings and enjoyed them. That kind of matching up was so important for us.

– The church’s networking was so important for us to help us feel connected. They set us up by email with someone from Kenya. They even came along to the airport to pick us up.

– People brought us home for many lunches.

– They helped us get to our feet with issues like job searches and finding clothes.

– When I was reading the blog, I reacted to the word “displaced.” I know that you understand, but I am not sure if the readers understand. I was not forced to move. There are territorial connotations of “displaced.”

– The food is so different. We always ask “what is this? What is this?” It is all so different. We assume so much.

What we call a familiar food isn't necessarily a comfort to someone who is new to the culture. Here we have a Cappuccino Cup!

Lynette – “We need to be cultural interpreters in the church.”

Carla – “The church should be willing to explain our culture, but not assume that you want to assume our culture.”

Naomy – “I think it is important to say, ‘If you want to’.”

Phyllis – “There was no sacrifice to welcome this family. They were very friendly and confident. They have really good children. It was very easy to welcome them.”

Naomy – “Is she talking about us?”

Naomi – “Yes.”

Welcome, Naomy (the sign is from Kenya, in Swahili and English).

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