How can the church minister to stay-at-home-moms?


– I love it when older women in the church model how to respect my husband or care my children.

– I love it when people take an interest in and interact with my kids.

– When people encourage my marriage. For example, people have given us gift cards for dates and taken care of our kids.

– Offering to babysit. “When are you bringing your kids so I can watch them for you and you can spend time with your mother?” Comments like that are so encouraging.

– When someone says, “I’m going to Wal-Mart, do you need anything?’ that means a lot, especially when you have three kids to take along and you only need one thing.


– Friendships with women in the church.

– Someone offered to babysit every week so I could go grocery shopping.

– Standing offer to make my fellowship meal food.

– Adults my age taking an interest in my kids in youth group and caring for their needs. Praying for my kids.

– Prayer support.

– People wanting to know about what you were struggling with. That is helpful.

– I also really appreciated when people came and told me about things that my kids were doing that were unruly. Then I could take care of that.

Lynette – “Adult conversation during the week! I was a student at the time when I was a mom, and that intellectual challenge was good for me.”

Naomi – “That was one of the best things about homeschooling.”

Sabrina – “I know that as a mom I am busy, but I also admit that I do have time in my day that [a career mom like] Carla doesn’t. It’s really important how I choose to use that time. I could easily waste a lot of time.”

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