How can the church minister to career moms?

Carla – “As moms, it feels like we are expected to stay home with the kids. What people say and what is perceived is sometimes different.”

Dot – “What are some of the specific ways that the support is not happening for you and some of the ways we can do better?”

Carla – “The sense of going against the tradition of what has been done. I don’t always know who to talk to. It might seem more natural to talk with the men who were at work all day rather than at home.”

Dot – “I experienced that, too, with not having kids. I related more with men’s conversations because I was in the working world.”

Carla – “There is no assumption on men that they love their children less because they go to work all day. Yet for women, there is that feeling that sending kids to a sitter means loving them less.”

Sabrina – “We need to find that common ground to talk about. I don’t know how to relate to your workday, but we both have mother’s hearts. We probably both have picky eaters.”

Mim – Working moms have powerful influence.

A career woman has an area of influence that is larger than the home. She touches the lives of many people, and her job can be a ministry as much as being a full-time mother is a ministry.

Lynette – Earlier, Sabrina mentioned the tool of asking for a story to help understand. Showing interest goes a long way in building relationships.

To connect with employed mothers, take the time to talk with them, and ask them questions about their day. Show interest in their work. Know that they value their children just as much as you do and that they are also caring for their children. Let them serve, and realize their potential. They want to serve as much as you do, and might just need the opportunity to share. Talk. Do not assume.

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