Report Card Category: “Looking After Oddballs”

Dot – “Where do I judge somebody when I don’t have a clue?”

Elnora – “The church has come a long way in knowing how to respond to crisis situations. It’s easier to look the other way rather than take care of ‘oddballs,’ but how often do I do that?”

Sabrina – “It has been humbling for me to see that it is a pride thing for me to judge others that I don’t understand. God has called us all to do something different. It’s easier to judge than try to understand, but God calls us all, and we do have a lot in common.”

Naomi – “How different as day and night it is” when we understand what lies behind a behavior.

Dot – “When you know a person’s story it is so different. I judge others so quickly, but when I know the story behind it, those thoughts would have never occurred to me. So why do we allow them to happen before we know?”

Elnora – “Depending on the situation, it can be hurtful when people say ‘I know what you’re going through.’ It’s okay not to understand.”

Louella – “I admire Carla for doing what she does [as a career woman], and Elnora, no one wants to be in your situation, yet you shared it with us. I think the church as a whole needs to sit up and take notice and walk with you.”

Lynette – “You are all amazing women. You each have a strength to share with each other. Thank you for being so willing to share with one another. You are the best voice for others in your sphere and how the church can help you in your sphere.”

Phyllis – Use your voice to show how the church can help. “Not just by caring for you, but by facilitating your ministry in your sphere.”

That is the point of this conversation.

What do you think? How can the church acknowledge and facilitate the ministry of your spheres? What is your area of influence? What do you share with others that helps you get in their corner?

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