Support Crew

In the kitchen were two Roses, beautifully serving. Rose Swartzentruber and Rose Shirk prepared food, set the table, and served in many other ways throughout the weekend.

Rosie Swartzentruber, left, and Rose Shirk, working behind the scenes to care for our Among Women panelists.

The two roses in our kitchen! Rosie has been at all three meetings; Rose is new and happy to be here with us.

Rose Swartzentruber, Martha’s daughter, has been at all of the retreats, and was introduced in a post from the first retreat. Rosemary (better known as Rose) Shirk has been a faithful follower of the blog, and was excited to help at the third retreat. She lives just down the road from the Ol’ Barn, is a member of Mt. Joy Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana, wife to Pastor Ben, mother to three, and grandmother to five smart and interesting children. She serves on the CMC Women’s Executive Committee and works part time as a librarian at Clinton Christian School. Rose says, “I am blessed by the Lord, by my sisters and brothers in Christ, and through His daily care of me.”

Charlotte, responsible for the many beautiful pictures taken this weekend.

A new photographer. Charlotte Long also lives just down the road from the Ol’ Barn with her husband, Dave, 7-year-old son, Jenson, and 4-year-old daughter, Allison. They attend Siloam Mennonite Fellowship near Goshen. Charlotte works part time at Menno-Hof in Shipshewana as a communications person responsible for their newsletter, website, and advertising. She has been “messing around with photography” for years. She has taken portraits for friends, and especially loves taking pictures of her kids. She says, “I feel privileged to have been invited to come” and take pictures this weekend.

Debbie, your faithful scribe.

Another scribe. Me. My name is Debbie Wagler. I grew up in Southern Ontario and moved to Northern Indiana in August 2010 to work at Clinton Christian school. This is my first year as a teacher, and I am currently enjoying the experience of teaching grades 3 and 4. Until this year I have been a student basically my whole life. Since high school I have studied English Literature at The University of Waterloo, spent about a year at Rosedale Bible College, and got my teaching license at The University of Western Ontario. I enjoy traveling, reading, making and listening to music, and being with good friends. Like Charlotte, I feel privileged to be part of Among Women. Let the conversation continue!

A touch of elegance - lime for the drinks!

Rosie, slicing tomatoes by windowlight.

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