Stories of Joy — Sabrina

The women of the Among Women panel have entered into each other’s sorrows. Now it’s time to share their joys. Here is Sabrina’s story.

Sabrina: “…this isn’t going to last forever. Enjoy it.”

Sabrina has always wanted to be a wife and mother, and she is profoundly grateful to God for granting her the desire of her heart. As she looks around her sphere, she finds so much that brings her joy.

Sabrina laughs.

Sabrina savors the joy of having children who not only want to have her around, but depend on her for the smallest details of life. She knows that this won’t always be the case, and wants to enjoy it now, not just in memory. Sabrina also finds joy in watching them learn about the world. She loves their curiosity, and their questions about God, and hearing “How does this work, Mommy?” Even her mistakes are learning opportunities for her little ones. As discouraging as it is to need to ask them for forgiveness for sharp words or a lost temper, it’s worth it when she hears her son go to Jeremy and say, “Daddy, I’m sorry that I got angry.”

It’s easy, though, to get caught up in the daily grind of caring for three preschoolers, and Sabrina finds that she often needs to be deliberate about catching the joys. This might mean sitting down in the middle of the morning and reading a book to one of her children, ignoring for a while the work that is always there to be done. She also tries to keep an eye out for “lasts,” like the last time a child needs her help getting dressed, as well as “firsts,” like first steps and words.

Above and behind all of the joys in Sabrina’s sphere, is the joy that she has been privileged to raise these children, and to raise them as disciples of Christ. Recently, a friend challenged her to remember that she is really raising future adults, and that now is the time to teach them what is going to be important 15, 20, or 30 years from now. This brings into clear focus the ultimate importance of teaching them to have a relationship with God. “Hopefully,” she adds, “[they’ll be] potty trained, [too], but…” There is knowing and sympathetic laughter around the table, because the potty training and the cleaning up and the continual time demands are where Sabrina is living right now. It’s a challenging time, she admits, but if “the challenge is children, 24/7, the joy is [also] children, 24/7.”

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