Stories of Joy — Naomy

The women of the Among Women panel have entered into each other’s sorrows. Now it’s time to share their joys. Here is Naomy’s story.

Naomy: “I love that God has been so dependable.”

Naomy reflects on her first year in the States.

Naomy is a wife and mother, like some of the other women in the panel, but she particularly represents those who have been transplanted by the call of God from one place and culture to another. Most of us can only imagine the upheaval of a move like one from Kenya to the United States, but in the midst of the upheaval and adjustments, Naomy finds much to be joyful about. Hers is a grateful heart, and her joys come from the good things that God has provided here in the U.S., after taking them from the familiarity of Kenya.

Relationships are important to Naomy, and she takes great joy in the friendships that she has been able to form in the U.S. since her arrival. These are God-given friendships, and she thrives on the close connections, relishing the simple gift of having someone who she can call up to hang out with.

“God has just surrounded me with beautiful women,” she says. “Beautiful sisters around myself. . . [W]e have really bonded.”

In addition to the friendships that she cherishes, Naomy finds joy in “the embracing of family.” She has been saddened to see that many couples who come over from Kenya have separated for one reason or another, and is grateful that she and Abraham landed in a community with a lot of emphasis on family. “Our prayer remains that we stick together,” she says.

Naomy cherishes friendship.

Another joy in this new sphere has been watching her children adjust quickly to their environment, especially their schools. The school schedule here, in particular, is a relief after the intensity of Kenyan schools. Because of the way that the system is structured in Kenya, with one major exam at the end of high school which determines much of a student’s future, the high school years are particularly strenuous. At a typical high school (which is a boarding school) classes might begin at 4:30 or 5:00AM, and end only with bedtime, somewhere between 9:30 and 11:00PM. All this makes school here a breath of fresh air to Naomy and her family. “We thank God for some breathing space,” she says.

As sincerely grateful as Naomy is for the joys of relationships and ease of adjustments, “what I treasure most,” she says, “is the way that all this has drawn me closer to God.” She treasures the reminder in Proverbs 18:10 that the name of the LORD is a strong tower for the shelter of the righteous. She is grateful that “the tower has doors in all directions for all those wounded in all fields.”

“I cannot trade [this] for anything,” she continues. “Knowing that I am in a time and a season when I must, I have no choice but to, lean on those everlasting arms. . . . I love that God has been so dependable.”

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