Stories of Joy — Elnora

The women of the Among Women panel have entered into each other’s sorrows. Now it’s time to share their joys. Here is Elnora’s story.

Elnora:‭ ‬Joy in God’s Healing

Elnora thinks things over.

As a divorced woman and single mother,‭ ‬Elnora knows loneliness too well.‭ ‬Knowing the pain,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬has given her the chance to experience the healing,‭ ‬and‭ ‬it is there that she has found joy.‭ ‬Joy in being given the grace and strength that she needed to heal,‭ ‬to raise her sons alone,‭ ‬and to find happiness in her new life.‭

“The biggest joy is God’s healing,‭”‬ she says.‭ “‬Not only from the pain of having an unfaithful husband,‭ ‬but of the loneliness.‭”‬

God has healed this loneliness not only through His presence,‭ ‬but also through meaningful relationships with other people.‭ ‬Through the years,‭ ‬Elnora has treasured precious relationships with other single women that probably wouldn’t have been possible had she still been married.‭ ‬There’s also her tight-knit group of friends that began as a support group for divorced women.‭

“[They’re‭] ‬somebody to talk to when you’re going through painful times,‭”‬ she says.‭ ‬“Or you want to talk about your children,‭ ‬and you want to go home and talk to your husband and he’s not there.‭”

Over time,‭ ‬they’ve helped each other past much of the pain.‭

Among Women, together.

“The ones who wanted to stay in their pity parties kinda quit coming,‭”‬ Elnora says,‭ ‬and now the group mostly gets together to have a lot of fun.‭ ‬They spend time together,‭ ‬even travel together,‭ ‬simply enjoying each other’s company.

Seeing God provide for her sons as she raised them alone has been another deep joy.‭ ‬Because they lacked a positive role model in their father,‭ ‬Elnora was worried that her sons would have nowhere to turn to see what it meant to be a good husband and father.‭ ‬She is deeply grateful to the church for stepping into that gap.‭ ‬It is a continual source of joy for her to see her sons happily,‭ ‬successfully married,‭ ‬and being good fathers to their own children.‭ ‬In this she sees that the pain of her sphere has given her the opportunity to know God as a God of redemption,‭ ‬protection,‭ ‬and provision.‭

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