Stories of Joy — Mim

The women of the Among Women panel have entered into each other’s sorrows. Now it’s time to share their joys. Here is Mim’s story.

Mim: “It’s easy to fit one more plate on the table.”

Enjoying a wide variety of relationships, having the flexibility to enter into the joys of many other spheres, and a deepening relationship with God, are some of the joys that Mim finds in her sphere.

Mim writes at Alexandra's Bed and Breakfast on Saturday morning.

As a single woman, Mim has had the opportunity to experience family in a unique way. Rather than one family, with a husband and children, she has been a real part of many families. After all, she says, “It’s easy to fit one more plate on the table.” She has enjoyed the chance to build friendships with young and old. The same flexibility that has allowed her to be a part of these families has allowed her to develop special relationships with children and young people who have come into her life in other ways. Through years of teaching, and involvement with REACH, she has been called “Mother” many times.

An additional joy that these relationships bring Mim is the opportunity to share some of the joys in spheres that aren’t her own. She has fond memories of “friends who were married or dating who shared their joys. It hurt sometimes, but it would have hurt more not to be involved in their lives.” She offers this as an encouragement to the other women not to hold back from sharing the joy that they find in their spheres.

Mim speaks her native language (I know we've used this before, but it's so Mim!). She's hugging Martha.

“I want to hear your joy,” she says. “What I choose to do with your joy is my problem, not yours.”

Another unique joy that Mim has found in her sphere actually grows out of the pain of it: the joy of the process of coming to terms with a life of singleness. In the midst of the pain of loneliness has come the joy of knowing a God who can handle “the kicking and screaming and hollering.” Being alone has given her the opportunity to take problems to God that married women might take to their husbands, and she has had the joy of seeing God provide for those situations. And it is a joy, she says, to “com[e] to a place where I’m not mad at him anymore. Where I don’t see it as a harsh punishment or something like that. … There is joy in getting older, and looking back and seeing ‘okay, this is how God has done it so far’ and knowing I can trust him for the next piece.”

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3 Responses to Stories of Joy — Mim

  1. Kristin Bucher says:

    I agree, hugs are Mim’s native language. Love you, Mim!

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