Stories of Joy — Carla

The women of the Among Women panel have entered into each other’s sorrows. Now it’s time to share their joys. Here is Carla’s story.

Carla: “…because I’m being asked to do something else.”

“I’ve never wanted to stay home,” Carla says simply. And she hasn’t. She has worked in the public school system since before her first child was born, following her calling, first as a teacher, now as an assistant principal. Carla’s joys are those of watching God work out the details to enable her to do what he has called her to do.

Carla warms up with a hot drink.

First, God provided her with a supportive husband. JB has been willing to do whatever was needed so that she could follow her calling. When it was time for Carla to go back to work following the birth of their son, he never said, “I can’t watch this baby by myself.” He just did it. It was a learning experience for both of them as they found that they could trust each other with their children. Carla now considers this trust a crucial part of their relationship, as their work schedules still have them spending a lot of time parenting apart.

God has also provided her with a job and a schedule that work well for her stage in life. Although she misses teaching, she relishes a job with less take-home baggage. When she’s at home, she’s able to really be at home with her kids. She makes a conscious effort to enjoy these concentrated moments of togetherness, not only day-to-day, but also during the special times like holiday or summer breaks.

Finally, God has provided a good situation for her children. In the early years of their family, her sister-in-law lived with them, and provided at-home childcare. These days, Carla has the joy of knowing that her children are enriching the life of another woman who wasn’t able to have any children of her own. She tears up as she talks about how happy her children are with their situation, and they’re routine of “away days” and “home days.”

“I miss them when I’m gone,” she says, “but I don’t really worry about them…. They’re being taken care of by somebody else because I’m being asked to do something else.”

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One Response to Stories of Joy — Carla

  1. Kristin Bucher says:

    Thank you for sharing your life and calling. Very inspiring!

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