The people behind the blog

You may have noticed something a little, well, different about the blog over the past few months. Is it the writing? Maybe the pictures. Or maybe just the way that things are organized and posted? How about all three? Some of you may know that Vicki was not able to be at the January retreat, and it has taken the dedicated work of three people to attempt to fill those shoes. As we prepare to turn the reins back over to Vicki, here’s a look at the people behind the recent posts.

Rachel Miller, faithful photographer for the January meeting.

Rachel Miller, who serves the Lord in Grantsville, Maryland, took the beautiful pictures that have accompanied the posts. Rachel is a member at Maple Glen Mennonite Church in Grantsville. She works as a full-time nurse, providing love and care to a very special special needs child. Rachel’s hobbies include flowers, gardening, singing, genealogy, and restoring old chair seats with new cane or sea grass.

Rachel was touched and grateful to be at the second gathering of the Among Women panel. She appreciated “the women in the group willing to share their deepest joys and feelings, not for self glory but for God’s glory and the furthering of His kingdom.”

Brittany, a.k.a. intrepid web girl, took over posting in January.

Brittany T, who was responsible for adding the pictures to the blog posts and posting them on the website, grew up in Nashville, Indiana and graduated from Rosedale Bible College in 2007. She spent six months doing mission work in Kenya with REACH in 2008-2009. She currently resides in Naples, Florida and works in accounting in the automotive industry. In her free time she enjoys reading, going to the farmer’s market, taking photographs, and writing. She attends a non-denominational church and helps out with the praise and worship team, children’s ministry, youth group,and outreach committee.

Marina Lehman is writing up a storm for Among Womens second meeting!

Marina Lehman acted as the scribe for the January retreat, attending the sessions, recording as much as possible, and then passing it on to you. Marina is a 2009 graduate of Rosedale Bible College. She lives and works in Lafayette, Indiana, where her husband, Landon, is attending Purdue University. Marina is grateful to Phyllis for offering her this chance to do what she loves, and to the women of the Among Women panel for trusting her with the crafting of their heart’s contents. In her spare time, Marina reads, knits, and hangs out with Landon. With great appreciation for their Mennonite heritage and upbringings, Marina and Landon are currently attending St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette.

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