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Shining a Light on the Lies

“You fail in so many ways… “ “You don’t know what you’re doing.” “Today will be painful. Talking about other people’s joys will tell me what I’m missing.” “You don’t measure up [anyway], you’re so ugly.” “You don’t fit in.” … Continue reading

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Friday Evening Session (part 1): Reflecting on the Time Apart

Steaming mugs of coffee or tea in hand, the 12 women of the Among Women panel, plus several of the support personnel, having finished their wonderful supper, gather in the cozy living room of the Swartz home. A fire crackles … Continue reading

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A cold, gray evening in London, Ohio. A broad street, laid out nearly 200 years ago for maximum ease of use by carriages. Beautiful old homes lining the street, with broad front porches and window flanked doors. And then, what’s … Continue reading

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