Karibu, Naomy! Welcome to Among Women

Naomy is joining our project and will attend the next weekend session in January. You’ll get to know her better then, but here’s a simple introduction for now:

Naomy, smiling in the sun.

Naomy is 47 and emigrated from Kenya to Ohio with her husband and three children (now ages 10, 14 and 16) in December 2009. She has a master’s degree in education and taught geography and economics to high school students for 22 years. She also served as dean of studies and organized activities for the Christian Union in the school where she worked.

She hopes to get back to teaching; until then, she is working as a state-certified nurse aide in a hospice.

Asked what surprised her most about life in the States, she laughs and says, “Winter! I had read about it in books but I saw it with my own eyes.”

Among the many challenges of making a new life for her family in a new land, her employment situation stands out. “It’s been a challenge really, adjusting in terms of a job. Having worked in an office or a school. . . and the kinds of things I’m doing now — that’s a real change for me.”

Naomy has experienced quite a range of things in her short time here: working the graveyard shift at a nursing home, having the locks freeze on her car, being stranded in a snowy parking lot, and braving the interstate around a big city — no small feat, considering that Kenyans drive on the opposite side of the road from us.

Naomy discovers the joys of snow!

But she is “glad to be with family. And I’m glad to be surrounded by serious believers. They give godly influence to my family, especially for growing children. That I count as a big blessing — real big.”

Although most of Naomy’s fellowship has been with families and believers in general, she says, “I’ve just enjoyed a lot of warmth from my Christian sisters around me. They have ‘spoiled’ me with love and warmth!”

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4 Responses to Karibu, Naomy! Welcome to Among Women

  1. Dot Chupp says:

    Welcome Naomy! I look forward to meetng you in person and hearing your story.

  2. Lynette Showalter says:

    Naomy, i’m so glad you are joining us! i remember well your thoughtful questions and reflections in marriage and family class last year at RBC. i look forward to knowing you on a more personal level — your hopes, fears, adjustments to this land, etc. Your family has made many changes in the past year. Blessings to you and see you soon!

    • Mim Musser says:

      Naomy, I’m so happy you are joining our group. You did so much to make me feel at home when I was in Kenya. Thank you! You have much to teach us about hospitality to the internationals among us.

  3. Sabrina Lehman says:

    Welcome Naomy, I look forward to getting to know you better!

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