“You’re just so entwined”

Louella likes living right beside her son and his family. “It’s a very good arrangement.” If she can’t get her lawnmower started, he helps her. “It’s nice that way.”

She still misses her husband terribly. “When it’s the love of your life, you’re just so entwined.”

He had Parkinson’s for 22 years. “But it moved slowly,” she says. “There were times he could walk with a walker. When his muscles seemed to let him down, I learned to put my knees against his knees, and his arms around my neck.

Louella working on a devotional exercise.

I put my arms under his arms, and I could lift him up . . . he never ever complained, and he often thanked me. He was very easy to take care of.

“Although there were days that I was so exhausted, I just didn’t know if I could go on. But I was determined I was going to take care of him.” Sometimes she would call her son and say, “This has been a hard evening,” and he would come over to help.

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One Response to “You’re just so entwined”

  1. Patricia King says:

    Louella, when I read your story I just sense ‘child-like faith’
    you have gotten ahold of the concept of being @ peace and resting in the Lord.
    With Jesus entwined in your life these last years will be every bit as full as the former!

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