“We are not puppets on a string”

Elnora is next. “I would much rather represent single women or career women, because being a divorced woman is no longer my identity. My identity is in Christ.


“I’m 52, in my own home, my miracle home that God gave me. I married before my 2oth birthday to the love of my life. He told me God had called him into ministry. . . .”

Things changed a couple of years into their marriage. He quite quit coming home and quit going to church. “It was very painful. I believed for years that he would come back to me someday. But we are not puppets on a string.”

They were separated for 10 years after he was in numerous relationships with other women. They got divorced when he decided to marry another woman.

“God has given me so much healing. I would not be who I am today if I had not gone through the trials I’ve gone through.

“I felt that big ‘D’ – that’s why I’d just as soon not be representing [this sphere]. But I know there are young hurting women who’ve not worked through that.” She mentions forgiveness as a huge issue.

“I have two wonderful sons. . . . When the boys were young I would listen to the radio. You’d hear these statistics about children from divorced homes. I yelled out loud, ‘That is not true! It’s not going to happen – I don’t receive that!”

After her youngest son graduated, she had to make some decisions. “My boys had been my life for all these years. Am I going to sit here and feel sorry for myself since my babies have flown the coop?” She had dreamed of being a nurse since she was 8 years old, but she grew up Beachy Amish and hadn’t graduated from high school, although she had gotten her GED later on.

When she mentioned having to decide about pursuing an education in nursing to her small group, they said, “What decision? Do it!”

Elnora is now a registered nurse and loves her job.

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