Trying to enjoy the moment

Sabrina begins her description of her sphere by quoting something Louella said during the icebreaker: “Louella described the most beautiful thing as the relationship between a husband and a wife.”

Sabrina in the sun

After briefly describing her situation (age 32, husband an associate pastor, three young children), she turns to Mim and tells her, “I was blessed when Mim did a dorm talk [at her school]. She said that we as women are always looking to the next phase. I didn’t marry till I was 26, and I remembered your advice to enjoy the moment and not always be looking to what’s next.”

Later, in a private moment (in front of a video camera!), Sabrina says, “I enjoy what I do. There’s mornings when I feel totally overwhelmed and wonder if I’ll make it through the day — and so far, I’ve made it through each day. And by God’s grace, I’ll keep making it through each day.”

She says: “I dream of a day when my children are all potty-trained and sleep through the night. And I also dream of the day when they are grown and hopefully following God. That is my heart’s desire, to raise leaders who worship God and know God.”

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