Triggers . . .

Lynette closes the evening discussing triggers: “Each of you be thinking about the comments or situations that bring pain or struggle for you.This may have happened to you [here] already. You may be on edge or in pain from something people said tonight.

Carrying that weight . . .

“People will say things, not wanting to be insensitive, but because of a lack of knowledge or understanding. The goal is for each of you to become stronger and more secure.

“We can’t prevent all of those situations or comments, and we can pass that on to other people as well. The goal is not for everyone to walk on eggshells around us.” The goal, she explains, is to figure out “how can you respond in ways that help them grow,” but without having a “bitter edge.”

She gives an example from her own experience, when she was talking to a woman who had an adopted child. “I said something about ‘the real mother,’ and she said to me, ‘That’s the biological mother you’re talking about. I’m the real mother.'” And she did it in a gracious way.

We need to work on this, Lynette explains, not just for ourselves, but for the sake of all the other women on their list [the list they made of women in their situations/spheres].

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3 Responses to Triggers . . .

  1. feliciaharveyschrock says:

    Such a challenge…to speak AND receive graciously.

  2. Lynette Showalter says:

    Yes, for sure! That’s a big challenge in these conversations “across spheres”. To be willing to share our personal pain in a way we can be heard, but to also have a teachable spirit in how we can enter another woman’s world.

  3. Annie Ray says:

    I so appreciate the goals expressed above by you Lynette. If the goal becomes being totally confident in our individual CALLING and respecting another ones ‘calling’ then we will understand each other. If you were ‘called’ as I was ‘called’ you will do it ! That experience of ‘calling’ unites us……..what fun to see God at work in our ‘callings’! Our IDENTITY will no longer be in our sphere but rather ‘being called’. hum………….what say you?

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