More players in our drama

Now let’s introduce Elnora, proud mother of two grown sons. She raised them mostly by herself, because she and her husband, the ‘love of her life,’ were separated for 10 years and then divorced. Elnora wanted to be a nurse since she was 8 years old, but she grew up Beachy Amish and did not complete high school.

Today, she has an RN degree and works nights at a hospital in Indiana. Her long-term goal is to be a hospice nurse, but she still enjoys floor nursing.

“I would much rather represent the single woman or the career woman, because being a divorced woman is no longer my identity. My identity is in Christ. I am 52, in my own home, my miracle home that God gave me.

“When my boys were young I would listen to the radio. You’d hear these statistics about children from divorced homes [and it was always bad]…I yelled out loud: ‘That is not true! It’s not going to happen. I don’t receive that.

“After my youngest son graduated…my boys had been my life for all these years. I asked myself, am I going to sit here and feel sorry for myself since my babies have flown the coop? I made the mistake of mentioning this [making a decision about whether to pursue nursing] to my small group.  And they said, ‘What decision? Do it!'”

And here is Naomi, who loves teaching and has immersed herself in a total teaching lifestyle: she has homeschooled all 12 of her children. She is 51 and lives in Pennsylvania, where her husband pastors a church.

“I have six kids still at home, two in college and four married. My oldest is 27, my youngest is seven. I love mothering for the most part…My season or sphere is changing a bit. I love where I’m at now! I enjoy having older married kids and teenagers and a 7-year-old.

“When I was growing up, several things made me feel odd…I never wanted to do anything odd. [She and her husband decided to have a big family and to homeschool their children.] But God kept asking me to be odd. I love my kids. There’s days I feel like I’m going crazy, but I love what I’m doing.”

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