Martha and Louella

Here’s Martha from Kentucky. She is a gifted writer and has two books to her credit. She also writes a weekly column for the local newspaper.

“I am 78 and for 50 years I lived in a little holler called Bowlings Creek. A year and a half ago I moved to Turners Creek [to live near her daughter]. I live in a little apartment alone. I’m a widow. Wesley died 7 years ago, and since that time, I’ve been alone.

“I followed my Lord into widowhood kicking and screaming . . . The first time I heard someone call me a widow was when I was staying at a hotel. And someone said, ‘That’s Wesley’s widow.’

“And I thought, ‘Is that who I am?’ And of course I am, but why did that hurt me so bad? Slowly, Wesley was omitted from that and now I’m just a widow.”

Louella is a widow, too. She lives in Ohio, right next door to her son and his family. Louella volunteers two or three days a week at the MCC thrift shop and keeps busy with yard work and gardening.

“Life is very full, very busy. I work two days a week at least at the MCC thrift shop. That gives me enough time to do my yard work and gardening and not much time to do nothing.

[Talking about her husband] “He was a very special person. He was always just kind of a quiet, solid person. Very solid but very kind, and he had a real sense of humor, too.

“He died of Parkinson’s five years ago, well, it was pneumonia, but he was just sick for two days. It happened fours days before Christmas, suddenly. That was rough.

“God has been there. [Looking at Martha] We’re not over it, are we, Martha. When it’s the love of your life, you’re just so entwined.”

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One Response to Martha and Louella

  1. Joyce Yoder says:

    Have just been reading about the sweet ladies and was thrilled to see Luella listed among the gals. I was a friend of her daughter during our teen years and she was always so sweet and treated me as her own daughter!! Truly an example of a Godly woman!

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