Let the drama begin! Oh, wait, the crew…

First, meet the directors, Phyllis and Lynette. Let’s start with Phyllis, because Among Women was her idea. Phyllis loves to release other people’s gifts; she does that so well, it’s her job. She teaches gifted children in the public schools in her Ohio town, but she doesn’t stop there – she goes after the church, too! Phyllis works hard at cultivating creativity in God’s children because she loves God so much. It’s a joy to behold.


[When asked what Among Women is all about] “It’s about decreasing confusion. We’re over half the church and I think we spend a lot of energy feeling confused by each other and suspicious of each other. We’re putting up our guard or being so careful of each other that our energy doesn’t go to God and his work.

“The idea is to gather a group of women who are strong enough to talk to each other and understand each other. If we can be comfortable with each other…we can take it to Conference [to the annual meeting next summer] and it doesn’t just end at Conference.

“This conversation will continue…so we can move on to what we should be doing: praising God and helping each other grow and helping other people find God.”

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