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Women in the church are sisters. And yet . . .

How often do we misunderstand each other? Judge each other? Compare ourselves with each other and end up feeling either inadequate or, on a good day, superior? Worst of all, how often do we hurt each other?

If we’re honest, the answer is: pretty often. Maybe even every day.

This blog is the public face of a hopeful journey toward an elusive goal.

The public face: We’re a small group of women in the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC) who have agreed to talk with each other about what it’s like to be us. Some of us are single; others are divorced, married, or widowed. Some of us work outside the home; others work at home. All of us love Jesus and try to follow him.

The hopeful journey: We want to love and support each other. This means we need to listen to each other, so we’ve agreed to meet three times during the coming year (October 2010-August 2011) to spend time together, asking some difficult but necessary questions.

The elusive goal: We’d like to bring out the best in each other as we try to follow Jesus; we’d like to be comfortable with each other so we can focus on loving God and doing his work together.

And we don’t want it to stop here. We want other women in the CMC to join the conversation with us. Please read the blog and comment on it; let us know what your own experiences have been.

And please know that you’re invited to join the conversation whether you’re in the Conference or not. We want to hear from you!

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13 Responses to Join the conversation

  1. candice says:

    Ladies, I really appreciate your transparency. I read the whole thing this morning and was really blessed by your sharing. I feel like i learned a lot and was reminded not to judge or compare or make assumptions about other women just based on situation in life our outward appearance. I am passing on this address and I’m excited to read more. Louella and Martha, I was really touched by what you shared and cried several times as I read. Vicki- thank you so much for going to all this work to share it with the rest of us!

  2. Kristin Bucher says:

    Very intriguing! I wasn’t planning on reading through all 40 posts, but somehow I did. This blog is now in my RSS feeds and I’ll be looking for the next posts. Thank you, ladies! It’s inspiring and encouraging to hear from other women and how they live their lives for Jesus.

  3. Patricia King says:

    After reading the entire blog it is obvious that the Lord led me here today. I feel a connection with so many of the women for what we share as life’s experiences. I am married now, but I have been a single mother as well. Not divorced but widowed at the age of 31 (after 16 years with him) tragic ending to that because of suicide. That left me with two little ones. But the Lord has doubly blessed me and I now have two more beautiful boys. I homeschool as well, which seems to bring alot of grief to many, that is to say nearly everyone has their opinion on the matter and none of it seems positive. I like the comment that Naomi makes when she says [God kept asking me to be odd. I love my kids. There’s days I feel like I’m going crazy, but I love what I’m doing.”] YEP! I totally get that! Bless you for your honesty.
    The woman I least identify with is Dot. Sorry Dot! I don’t mean that in any kind of disrespectful way  It is just that my children (while I am raising them) continue to teach ME in the most amazing ways. Absolutely cannot imagine a life without them. However I will say I am surely looking to learn from your wisdom and the ways Our Lord has uniquely gifted you.
    What an exciting journey…for such a time as this.

    • Dot Chupp says:

      Patricia, I would not want you to feel like or think that you must identify with me. That will not be possible for you to do. Children are an awesome blessing and what they bring into your life cannot be equaled by anything. What I hope to communicate is this – that if for some reason a married woman cannot have children, she should not think of her life as “over”. Rather, for her to find the calling that God has for her, and to fill her life living out that call.

  4. Looking forward to reading through this blog.

  5. Felicia says:

    What a sobering and exhilarating unveiling these women have accepted. I find my thoughts frequently roaming back to circle in on several of the ideas expressed.

  6. Linda Neher says:

    I’m new to this whole thing so I haven’t really read anything yet but want to get started checking it out. Hope that’s o.k. !!

  7. Karen Morgan says:

    OK heard about this at the pastor’s conference so I am checking on it. looks interesting.
    My stage of life is 3 children, all married, and living in different states; aging parents w/ health problems also living at a distance. How do you determine priorities? (husband (pastor), my job responsiblities, church duties, children/grandchildren, parents with needs ?)

    • Rosemary Shirk says:

      Hi! I really empathize with where you are. I do have one of our 3 children who lives near us, he’s the unmarried one. Our two daughters who gave us our grandchildren live out-of-state. I’m a pastor’s wife, work part-time and both my husband and I have aging mothers that we care about and need to attend to. I just feel a need for prayer and God’s help. The easiest is to respond to those grandchildren. Your husband can also help you find your priorities. Sometimes I forget to ask him what he is thinking. Although after 40 years, sometimes I know without asking. Let’s pray for each other.

      • Karen Morgan says:

        Rose, thank you for the reminders to pray and also to ask husband! most of the time I think I know what he will say or what he is thinking but sometimes I am surprised – when I take time to listen to his suggestions.

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