“I’ve made people rise out of their chairs”

Naomi gives a short introduction to her life: “I have six kids still at home, two in college, and four who are married.” That’s 12 in all, if you’re counting!


Her oldest is 27; her youngest is seven. “I love mothering, for the most part.” Naomi loves teaching and has homeschooled all her children at least up to high school, when they choose between going to school or studying through Pennsylvania’s online high school option (sometimes they do a combination). She is now homeschooling the three youngest children.

“My season or sphere is changing a bit. I love where I’m at now! I enjoy my older married kids, my college kids, my teenagers and my 7-year-old.” She hopes perhaps to get enough education to teach school, because she loves it. She’s also had experience teaching in a small schoolroom, earlier in life.

When the discussion turns to how crazy things can get in our lives, Naomi asks, “Do we all at times go crazy doing the things we feel called to do?”

Before anyone can answer, she says brightly: “I’ve made people rise out of their chairs!”

And she describes a time, years ago, when she was with one of her children in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. The woman sitting beside her struck up a conversation and asked Naomi if that was her only child.

“I told her no, that I had eight children. She rose right up out of her seat!” Naomi demonstrates this, quite delightfully, gripping the arm of the chair and staring, wide-eyed in disbelief.

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2 Responses to “I’ve made people rise out of their chairs”

  1. Kris says:

    You inspire me, Naomi. I have four children and plan to have more. You did it/are doing it with God’s help and I’m so glad I get to watch that from a distance.

  2. Patricia King says:

    Don’t ever stop being ‘odd’ Naomi…. The Lord calls us a peculiar people.
    You are incredibly strong, and courageous!

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