First Tears

Next, Lynette asks the women to share a little bit about why they were invited to talk about their particular sphere in life. (You can read more about what each person says in the opening posts, too.)

After Martha speaks briefly about her background (over 50 years in Kentucky, seven of them as a widow), Lynette asks Martha about her second book, New Moon Over Slick Hollow, describing it as a grief journal. Dot chimes in: “I read both of your books and – I’m going to cry – I loved the way you wrote about your love for Wesley.”

Lynette: “Thank you, Dot, for shedding our first tears.”

Martha sits quietly, listening.


Here is an excerpt from New Moon:

May 3: It’s Saturday again. He has been gone a week.

And he hasn’t come back.

He won’t be back.

I would answer the pone, “Hello,” or “Good morning.”

“W. A. [her husband] here. I’m in Jackson on my way home. Do you need anything from tiown?”

“No, just come on home.’

“I’ll be there.”

I would begin looking for him in about 40 minutes.

But he hasn’t called.

His car is here, but he isn’t.

He won’t be back.



Has he forgotten that he was here? Does he know that I miss him and that I’m grieving? I think of him constantly. Does he ever think about me? We were together constantly – emotionally and physically. Now he is there and I am here and our relationship is severed.

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