“I could talk for six hours”

Carla speaks to the women in a tearful outburst of gratitude: “I’m just so thankful for being here and thank you to each one of you, just for accepting me for who I am. It’s so refreshing to be with women who love Jesus so much.

Carla, glad to be here.

“I have my own fears, my own insecurities — thanks for asking hard questions. I’m excited about the hard questions . . . .

“I could talk for six hours! I just feel so connected. It’s when you know you’re at the right spot at the right time.

“Martha and Louella, I grew up with a mom who was a widow, so I have this sense of loss in losing someone. Mim, [I can relate to you] being single when my husband’s gone in the summer, and asking for help, and my identity not being in my husband.

“Elnora, I grew up in a single-parent home. You hear people say single-parent kids just don’t make it. Yes, they do.

[To Sabrina] “Another young mom . . . One of my fears was, ‘It’s going to be in my face.’ What does it look like to walk the journey together, because we all just love Jesus. What does it look like?

“My journey has been long and Lynette has walked that journey with me. I feel like it’s the beginning. . . . It’s been nice to be able to be myself to you.”

She stands and Lynette hugs her, then everyone gathers round to pray for her.

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2 Responses to “I could talk for six hours”

  1. Jen Bontrager says:

    Carla is one of the most amazing women I’m blessed to call my friend. So glad you had this time with these women, Carla!

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