“I could make people pay money, I knew what I was doing”

Sabrina speaks up: “A desire of my heart has been to have connections with other women. I have an incredible mom, but she’s in Canada. . . .

Sabrina's tired of comparing herself with other women.

“I have a desire to learn, to know: How do I walk with my husband? How do I respect my husband? How do I raise my children?

“The other day, my son asked, ‘Mommy, what does holy mean?’ When I explained it to him, he looked at me and said, ‘Mommy, you’re not that.’ And I thought, okay, I’m going to go [to this weekend], because I’m going to learn.”

She used to work in accounts receivable: “I could make people pay money. I knew what I was doing — you were scared of me! And I can’t get my 4-year-old to do what I want him to. I’m so frustrated . . . I feel like I’ve become that ‘married woman with children.’ After a while, you feel like a nursery.

“I’ve never realized my need for God [as much as I do now]. All my pride is just . . . I struggle to find a balance between not being proud, but also being confident, and juggling the use of my gifts with child care and supporting my husband.”

Her husband has supported her participation in Among Women. “He gave me his blessing, with a glazed look in his eyes as I handed him the to-do list,” she says, laughing. “But I’m doing this for other mothers, too. There’s a need for women to be speaking to other women in truth.

“We compare so much! We want wisdom, but we’re doing it by comparing ourselves in some way. I just want to walk in humility and to walk where God wants me to walk.”

And older women, married women, women with children and grandchildren, gather around Sabrina to pray for her.

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