“For all our sisters out there”

Lynette is our amazing facilitator. She comes to us with years of practice as a licensed clinical social worker (and as a pastor’s wife). Lynette loves to travel, loves her grandchildren, loves Jesus.


“This gathering of women is really close to my heart. And I see it as a very valuable time, first of all for each individual, because in a very safe and caring environment, we can experience validation. We know we’re not alone in our pain.

“And hopefully we can be a community of sisters to care for each other and have another measure of healing from God the healer.

“I also see this as a really important time as we’re representing a whole list or group of people, of women. And I like to think that we will go to the painful places and we will do the uncomfortable things for all our sisters out there, so that they know that they’re not alone.”

Vicki with a neighborhood cat.

And Vicki is your scribe, who only uses her camera for good. Really. It’s not a power trip at all. Her job is to listen and record what she sees and hears, and to put it all together in this blog.

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