And now, finally, let the drama begin!

In the opening scene, our players are arriving in Maryland, having driven from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

They’re not sure what to expect. Louella, for instance, arrives thinking that she’s gotten over the worst of her grief. Sabrina comes struggling with feelings of inadequacy; she’s seen Carla’s name and description (career woman, young mother) on the list of participants and feels inferior about her lack of education.

Carla has seen Sabrina’s name and description (young mother at home) and dreads coming, at least a little. “Another young mom…it’s going to be in my face.”

A fountain greets us - a little girl carrying water. It can't be contained and spills down over her body, day and night.

Her face is hard to read. What does she think about what she's doing?

Our players, our women, our sisters, show up at Ruth’s house in the woods around 5:00 on a Friday afternoon in October. They greet and hug each other, and wander from room to room in Ruth’s spacious home, admiring what they see, wondering what this weekend’s really going to be like.

Mim and Louella arrive at Ruth's place.

Hello in there!

Some of us stayed in the carriage house.

The view out back

The view from the kitchen window

After dining on a delightful meal of pork loin with carrots, celery, onions and apples,  everyone gathers in the living room, a charmingly appointed area with a sense of openness built into the design – the ceiling is lofty and the space opens up into other areas of the home. Done in shades of creamy yellow with accents of celery and rose, this room hardly looks like a crucible. And yet…

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8 Responses to And now, finally, let the drama begin!

  1. Rosemary Shirk says:

    Hope to finish reading all the Posts, but sure have enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

  2. Sue Hooley says:

    Love the fountain imagery…. great photographer skills, Vicki 🙂

  3. Leona Graybill says:

    This is a great way to learn through the experiences of others. I am excited about about this opportunity. To learn to truly know someone, is to love them.

  4. Patricia King says:

    What a beautiful place to rest and meet with the Lord.
    Love the fountain….. With living water pouring over her day & night
    maybe she is not ‘thinking’ so much as she is
    ‘being’ simply because she has become part of that fountain, seems to me
    that the continuous flow has changed her countenance as well. Smoothed her
    out, taking away her rough edges.

  5. Lynette Showalter says:

    Leona, thanks for your comment. The quote “to know you is to love you” is one I’ve often thought about. When I was younger, I argued with the truth of it. “If they knew this about me, they wouldn’t love me . . . or maybe if they knew this.” The older I get, the more I appreciate it! I feel so much closer to people who are transparent, genuine, and vulnerable. And I treasure the women in my life who continue to love me as I share my weaknesses and failures with them. Thanks for writing!

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