A lonely island

Carla talks a little about her history: the state where she grew up (Missouri), her college career, her marriage and her history as a teacher. “I started teaching in 1999-2000 in an inner-city school . . . with very needy kids. I really loved it, but felt the need for a change.” She went on to work with reading intervention, teaching eight small groups of children a day.

Carla sometimes feels like she's on 'a lonely island.'

Her career and her family go hand in hand. “I got pregnant with our first son just after getting my master’s in education.” Her husband stayed home on Saturdays with the baby while she went to classes to get her principal’s license. “I never knew when I’d use my license, but I wanted to be prepared.”

Carla is now the assistant principal at an elementary school. “This job fell into my lap — God opened every door.” She applied for the job two weeks before she and her husband went to Ethiopia to pick up the little boy they were adopting.

“Six weeks after getting our child, I went back to work. I love my job — I think it’s the best ever. It’s a difficult place for me to be often times . . . I don’t know, I really struggled within the church, just feeling really different, feeling really misunderstood. I don’t love my kids any less than anybody else and I totally feel like I am where I’m supposed to be right now, and that feels really good.”

Later, on video, she says:”I’ve used the phrase ‘lonely island’ when I talked about the sphere I’m representing because . . . it seems in conference and in the church that I’m attending right now there aren’t a lot of professional, working women, and so I often feel disconnected from other people. I often feel maybe misunderstood when I talk about my career and what I really feel like God’s called me to do.

“And I mean that in relationship with what he’s called me to do at school, in my career and also how it relates to having the children and a family and a husband, and how all those things work together.

“And I really would like to see this project have some other people brought to my side, or just have some understanding of what we all mean to each other and what we all can bring to the body of Christ.”

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4 Responses to A lonely island

  1. Kris says:

    I’m fascinated by you, Carla. I’m so looking forward to hearing more from you. I struggle to understand working moms. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I want to learn and to not be judgmental. I think that I have trouble even thinking about what it would be like to work outside the home. Keeping sharing!

    • Patricia King says:

      Kris, I know what you mean about not being judgmental. Many years ago (a lifetime ago it seems) I was staying at home to raise my son, but decided to have other little ones come over to interact with him. That turned into eight children over the years that came to my house, two of them were with me for six years! Whatever school I put my boy in they followed, where I went to church, they followed. I was there in every aspect of their lives, doctor appointments, girl scouts, birthdays etc. when the baby got sick the mama would call me and get advice (here is the part about trying not to be judgmental) I would think “what is wrong with you lady? You don’t even know your child, you are missing out” However the Lord has shown me those times when I prayed over them and that they were in a parochial school learning about God!
      Amazing when you can look back (20 years later) and see how the Lord uses us in unlikely ways. Never underestimate who you might influence even if you are just at the park!

  2. candice says:

    Carla- I’m happy to see working moms represented here and I’m very impressed by you already! I was a working mom (social worker) in the past and plan to be again in the future, so I am listening attentively to your experiences. Candice Mast, RMM, Thailand

  3. Patricia King says:

    Carla, you said [And I mean that in relationship with what he’s called me to do at school, in my career and also how it relates to having the children and a family and a husband, and how all those things work together.]
    I can tell you this as a mom (who has placed two boys in elementary school, after homeschooling two older ones) it would give me a great deal of peace to know that the principle at their school is serving the Lord and influencing those around her in a positive way. You are a Proverbs 31 Woman! The only person’s criteria that matters here is Jesus. There won’t be many that understand the path your on because it is so uniquely made for U!

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